Biden and Harris should make way for Democrats who can actually beat Trump

It is time for the president and vice-president to step aside, writes Eric Lewis. Democracy is at stake in 2024 – and we cannot afford to take risks

Sunday 12 November 2023 19:34
<p>Biden is perceived to lack the stamina for a race against a ruthless bully</p>

Biden is perceived to lack the stamina for a race against a ruthless bully

In this complex and difficult time, there is one proposition that is inarguable: Donald Trump cannot be elected president of the United States without endangering American democracy, the rule of law, nuclear security and countless other requisites of a stable and secure world.

No risk should be taken which might materially increase the likelihood that Trump and his cronies will be settling scores at home and abroad in January 2025. So, the polling data released on Sunday by the New York Times and Siena College, showing Trump ahead in five of six swing states, cannot be ignored. Nor can the indications of significant defections in the Democratic base of Black, and especially Hispanic, voters.

To be sure, the election is a year out. Will experts tell you that such polling data is not reliable and a mere indicator of certain problems? Yes, and they may well be right. Will pundits forecast that when the real choice between the competent but frail 81-year-old Biden and the ranting, disordered 78-year-old Trump is put to American voters next year, the “too old” issue will fade? Yes, and they also may well be right. Will the likely slam-dunk felony convictions on election tampering, insurrection and (most slam-dunkingly of all) on classified documents change people’s views when they confront having a felon in the White House? Again, if any of those cases get to trial before the election, this may well have a major impact on voting.

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