The Trump family drama is the real Succession – and now the kids can decide their father’s fate

In a New York courthouse, the Trump children have been giving evidence in a fraud trial that could cost Donald dearly, writes Jon Sopel. It is just the latest episode of their bizarre relationship as the children desperately seek their father’s approval

Saturday 04 November 2023 14:43
<p>Donald Trump with his children (R-L) Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric </p>

Donald Trump with his children (R-L) Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric

If you watched the fabulous TV drama Succession (I mean, for goodness sake who didn’t) the reviews endlessly drew parallels with Rupert Murdoch and his grown-up kids Lachlan, James and Elizabeth. It was irresistible – media mogul, kids the same age. All slightly bruised and battered by this overbearing father. All jockeying for position, trying to win dad’s love and be in his good graces – all to become heir to the empire.

But I have always thought the better comparison is the Trump family. Donald is Logan, Don Jr is Ken, Eric equals Roman and Ivanka is Shiv. And this week they’ve all gotten (to use the Americanism) to star in their own family, made-for-TV drama: The Trumps in court.

On Wednesday it was Don Jr taking the stand in the civil fraud trial that has been brought over the running of the Trump organisation, then it was the turn of Eric. During the Trump presidency these two earned the unkind sobriquet Dumb and Dumber – though there was considerable debate over which one was which from the 1994 film of the same name.

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